Drive Drilling Equipment System

Drive Drilling Equipment System

Product Description

Top drive drilling equipment is a new-style drilling system, which is used to instead of the rotary table. With the use of top drive drilling equipment, the system allows drilling with triple stands and reduces make-up and break-out time. When touching resistance and touching sticking, it may connect the drilling pipe immediately, rotating and circulating, and may reduce the sticking accidents.
Top drive drilling equipment has many patent technologies.

The main features are:
Power swivel adopts AC motors, and driven by VFD system.
Power swivel adopts heavy duty thrust bearings and special structure design.
Link tilt assembly of pipe handler can be forward or backward and rotating which is useful to grasp drill pipe and make main shaft closer to rig floor when drilling.

Pipe handler equipped with backup tong, which is of wide clamp range. IBOP doesn't rotate with the tilt.

Integrated with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and information technology, the automatization level is highly improved.
Rated drilling depth ( 114mm drill pipe ) 
4 000m
Rated load capacities
4500 kN
6750 kN
Rotary speed
0 ~ 180r/min
0 ~ 220r/min
0 ~200r/min
Drilling torque(continuous,maximum)
4 0kN·m
70 kN·m
Rated voltage
600V AC
Rated power(continuous)
550 HP×1
Drive type of motor
AC induction,forced air cooling
AC induction,forced air cooling
AC induction,forced air cooling
Speed of rotating head
8 ~ 12r/min
8 ~12r/min
8 ~ 12r/min
Maximum torque of break out
Back_up tong range
2 7/8" ~ 6 5/8"
2 7/8" ~6 5/8"
2 7/8" ~ 6 5/8"
Drill pipe range
87 mm ~ 216mm
87 mm~216mm
87mm ~ 216mm
Upper IBOP
6 5/8" API REG box ~pin, 70MPa
6 5/8" API REG box ~ pin, 70MPa
7 5/8" API REG box ~pin, 70MPa
Lower IBOP (Manual)
6 5/8" API REG box ~ pin, 70MPa
6 5/8" API REG box ~pin, 70MPa
6 5/8" API REG box ~pin, 70MPa

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