Wellhead Equipment

Wellhead Equipment

Product Description

Supplies wellheads and Christmas trees suitable for landand offshore applications to explore, develop and PRO-duce oil. Designing, producing, manufacturing, test, quality control conform to API 6A, latest edition. Our company is licensed to using monogram of API spec 6A. The main pressure-containing parts of these productsare made of forgings or specially smelted low alloy steel(stainless steel), having high bearing strength. Well-heads manufactured by our company are available in105MPa maximum working pressure and 500 tons maxi-mum suspending capacity, material classes from AAthrough FF, temperature classes from L through V, prod-uct specification levels from 1 through 4 and PR-2, andare in accordance with NACE Standard MR0175. Our company is licensed to API 6A, API 6D, API 16C, API16A and API 7.

Wellheads supplied by Yancheng Sanyi Petro-chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. Contain many differentkinds of configurations, meeting requirements of all kindsof bore frames and casing programs, providing servicein different working conditions. Christmas trees and aux-iliary equipment are available at your option. Wellheadsalso can be designed and manufactured according tocustomers' requirements.

The wellheads and Christmases have won greatacclaim from the customers, therein to, patented prod-uct "TFZ35-70A" casing head series was awarded agolden medal at "The Ninth China Patent New Techni-cal & New Product Fair" The products have been lot-exported to many countries and regions, for example, USA, UZBEK, Syria, India etc.

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